The Blue Collar Gold Video Series

Take the concepts in my book to the next level.

If you’ve read my book Blue Collar Gold, then you know I had to pretty much make every mistake a person can make before I got so miserable that I was willing to change. But once I started changing the way I was growing my business, it became one of the most rewarding journeys of my life. In fact, that’s why I wrote the book, so that you wouldn’t have to make those same mistakes.

And I also knew that I wanted to do something else a little more in-depth, in case you wanted to take the lessons from the book and really start implementing them.

And THAT’S the reason you are on this page. I have a feeling that you aren’t content, just reading a business book. You want real steps you can start implementing now, today, while you are inspired and hungry for more.

Me and Taylor Hill on the set while filming the Blue Collar Gold Video Series.

I created the Blue Collar Gold Video Series with my friend Taylor Hill (co-founder of Spark Marketer and co-host of the popular podcast Blue Collar Proud Show) to take the concepts in the book, plus a few other key thoughts, and really expand on them. It’s an in-depth conversation that really goes much deeper than the book to discuss the secrets of my own journey in business. I’m sharing all of my big lessons with you here, and I know if you watch these videos, you’ll be on your way to building in yourself the tools, habits and skills you need to win at a higher level.

Learn important, game-changing concepts like:

  • How to create a winning culture that gives you more freedom and better employees
  • The mindset of building a business you own vs. building a job that owns you
  • How to cultivate a love for reading, and the book list that helped me break out
  • How to train up leaders in your business for better results, faster
  • How to create an amazing front-line office staff
  • Finding and deciding what systems you need to set up in your operations
  • How to think about your marketing – getting AND keeping your customers
  • Much, much more!

Nine Videos. Nearly 4 hours of business-changing content.

The topics I cover in this video series really go straight to the heart of the struggles most blue-collar business owners face. It’s 230 minutes of video, packed with key takeaways and concepts that have propelled me and every successful business owner I know to higher levels. I have personally watched business owners apply these truths to their own lives and businesses, and see astounding transformations, every time.

The series is organized into nine videos. When you purchase it, you’ll be emailed a private link and password to a page where you can watch these videos at any time. You may watch one or two, and then come back on another night to watch another one. Take your time, the videos are meant to be part of your personal training library, available when you need it.

It’s like having a business coach who has already been there, done that.

I don’t hold anything back in this video series. I get personal, I talk about my failures, and then I talk about the lessons I learned, and the changes I made to start getting the success I wanted. Watching these videos could be exactly what you need to get unstuck, jump over, plow through, or even finally start to consider what’s holding you back.

I wish someone had made something like this available to me, way back when I was in such a ready place… That’s why I’m making it available to you. I hope you’re ready, and you’ll take the lessons contained in this video series and start to apply them. It’s an investment in yourself that will pay huge returns, for years and years to come.

Get the Blue Collar Gold Video Series Today.