Blue Collar Gold – Book Available!

Looking For Someone Engaging & Impactful To Speak At Your Next Business Event?

We’ve all been in speaking engagements where the speaker has no real world experience and is essentially offering information and advice that is irrelevant. Don’t waste the opportunity you have to impact your employees and get everyone excited about taking your business to new heights – book Mark!

Mark has faced many of the same challenges you have and has spent decades studying failed and successful businesses and identifying the major differences. Having seen his own business through near financial collapse, employee issues and changes, and many disappointments, Mark knows how to avoid pitfalls and set goals that really work to keep you on track.

When you book Mark to speak, you’ll have access to all of his success secrets and benefit from his decades of experience owning a business that has gone from a one-man-show to a multi-million dollar industry idol. The only thing Mark asks for in return is that you think bigger, implement what you learn, and stay focused on achieving the dreams you have for your business!

Mark Stoner Event Speaker

More than 500 service business owners have come to Mark seeking advice from someone who’s been in their shoes and has now achieved what some would consider unimaginable success – are you next? To book Mark for your next convention or business gathering, please click here!


Learn more about Mark Stoner and his motivation to assisting others achieve their greatest dreams.

Author Larry Winget interviews Mark Stoner about the reason he is writing and speaking about blue collar business.